The founders of Cherith Junior School are teachers by profession; they are driven by passion to help many Tanzanian children who crave for quality education. They believe a good battle against poverty can only be successfully fought through education.

Tanzania is one of the countries in Africa which needs support from private sector, individuals, the non-governmental organizations, religious organizations and any other willing people in its endeavours to increase the opportunities for her people to access quality education for the purpose of reducing and eradicating illiteracy level of Tanzanians.

In the whole process of provision of quality education to children in Tanzania, some considerable gaps that some Tanzanians face much worse education prospects than others exist, this is observed in  the children from underprivileged  families, orphans, and the children adopted by old men & women after the death of their parents due to the fatal disease of AIDS, accidents etc. By looking at the current situation, it is obvious that children of few privileged families mostly rich families will have access to quality education. It is upon realizing this sympathetic situation that Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick Mbise decided to establish Cherith Junior School whose mission is to offer quality education to children at affordable fees in Arumeru District especially Kitefu Village and the neighborhoods, as well as providing opportunities to children from underprivileged families.


Parents & guardians are warmly welcomed & encouraged to visit the school or contact the school on open days so as to discuss their children’s academic progress with the teachers. This can also be done at the end of each month where parents/guardians get ample time with the teachers to discuss children’s performance and together find proper ways that can help our children grow well. The school authority may however, contact any parent/guardian any time when need may arise especially when there is an important issue to discuss.


You can collect admission forms from our office any time from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 2:30 p.m, or you can download it from our website. Each academic year begins in January and ends in November.

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